Location: Remote
Salary range: Competitive salary based on experience
Benefits: Unlimited Vacation, health, dental and vision, 401K Match
Reports to: Head of Intelligence

About us: Iron Light is a change agency with advocacy at its core. We team up with public, private and nonprofit organizations to create a world without limitations on human potential. The secret to our success is content rooted in neuroscience, design rooted in empathy, and advertising rooted in sociology. Our core offerings fall into these main categories: research & strategy, branding, digital marketing, storytelling, content creation through impact.

As a Director of Survey Research for Iron Light your responsibilities include:

  • Manage design and deliver a recurring tracking surveys
  • Developing new survey research based products that will help test ads, understand audience segments, and measure and track sentiments via online surveys
  • Be the lead voice of survey data quality
  • Help develop and educate our growing team on how to analyze survey results and help us determine the tools to report our findings
  • Work in collaboration with the data science and data engineering to prepare survey data pipelines for modeling activities
  • Presenting findings to clients and other stakeholders who will have a varied understanding of survey research and methodology

Skills & Experience

  • 5-7 years experience working in consumer insights, consumer research, or in an analyst/strategy role at a media/technology company or public policy research
  • BA/BS degree with a strong academic record, and with a degree in a business or social science field or one with an emphasis on statistics or quantitative research methodologies
  • Excellent PowerPoint, Excel, and written and visual communication skills.
  • Experience with the following data analysis techniques: statistical significance testing, correlations analysis, multivariate analysis techniques (such as cluster/segmentation analysis) and conjoint and discrete choice analysis. Ability to apply techniques is a plus, but not required.
  • Strong interest and experience in technology and social media (preferred).
  • Passionate about data-driven approach and can think strategically to draw out big picture correlations, predictions, and recommendations (preferred).
  • Knowledge of Python, R, or equivalent languages, as well as SQL.
  • Familiarity with Bayesian statistics and modeling.
  • Experienced in working with AWS Redshift & Sagemaker, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey or similar survey platforms.
  • Strong data visualization skills and an interest in public policy

Some Characteristics That Define You

  • Internally-motivated self-starter who continuously strives to get things done, regardless of challenges encountered.
  • Critical thinker, able to understand and respond to complex questions from clients and lead the development of research plans as well as deliver game-changing insights.
  • Team player capable of working collaboratively and/or initiating and driving projects to completion with minimal oversight.
  • Passion for research and, in particular, custom projects, in multiple areas of specialization/across the product and services lifecycle.
  • Upholding and showing leadership around Iron Light’s core values

Our Values
Culture exists in every organization – the question is whether it is purposeful or not. Iron Light’s culture is built on adherence to our values. If you do not abide by these values, you will not succeed here. They are a part of each employee’s review process and we take them very seriously.

It is our responsibility to be on the cutting edge of our craft in order to make better strategic decisions – and that requires curiosity about the world. We are also curious about ourselves and our work: including our strengths, weaknesses and actual performance.

We work with a lot of funny people. But humor is about more than jokes. Being in good humor is about being pleasant and seeking to provide joy to others. The antithesis of this is being an asshole. No situation is made better by being in bad humor. It’s only made worse.

We always tell the truth. Personal pride is our No. 1 motivator – more so than recognition, remuneration, titles or other rewards. All of those are good, but they should not be the most important motivator. We deal with conflicts directly (with the responsible party) with respect and transparency.

We are typically the underdog in our work. Our clients require tenacity and fearlessness to challenge the status quo – they don’t have a chance of succeeding without this audacity. We embrace that. We give our clients the confidence they need to take on the most daunting challenges.

We keep our organization focused on helping people grow and develop to their maximum ability, even if that means they may leave us for new opportunities. We are stewards of our clients’ funding, and as such we work each day to provide value for their confidence in us.

We are a team, first and foremost. While everyone has his or her role, each role has equal value and must be treated with respect. We focus personnel decisions on putting people in roles where they can excel.

Apply at jobs@ironlight.com